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Got a question about Irish National Lottery scratchcards in question? Here we answer some of the most requested questions and give you the best available answers on the web.

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Casinos in Dublin Featured Image
Player Guides 24-06-2023

Discover the Best Casinos in Dublin: The Ultimate 2023 Guide

Why not give the scratchcards a break and try out a range of different casino games within Ireland’s capital?

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How to win on More Scratchcards Thumbnail
Player Guides 29-08-2020

How to Win on More Scratchcards

Are you looking to win more money from the scratchcards you purchase? Here’s a run down of everything you need to consider before your buy!

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Best Irish National Lottery Scratchcards Thumbnail
Player Guides 28-08-2020

Best National Lottery Scratchcards to Play

Are you a fan of the Irish National Lottery scratchcards, but you can’t decide which scratchcard you should play? Let us help you out with this analysis!

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Claim Scratchcard Winnings Thumbnail
Player Guides 01-08-2020

How to Claim Scratchcard Wins

If you’re looking for this page, the chances are you’ve won on a scratchcard! Let us help you with the information you need to cash in your prize!

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Scratchcard Closure Dates Thumbnail
Player Guides 01-08-2020

Irish National Lottery Scratchcard Closure Dates

Do you need to check the closing dates of an old winning scratchcard you have saved at home? Here’s the closure and last date to claim so you don’t lose out

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Scratchcard Checker Thumbnail
Player Guides 31-07-2020

Irish National Lottery Scratchcard Checker

Are you in need of some help checking if your scratchcard is a winner or a shop has refused a payout? We’ve got the answers you need to common questions!

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