Pandemic Lockdown Boosts Sales of Lottery Scratchcards

There have been many winners and losers of the global pandemic. However, Irish National Lottery operators – Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) – are certainly a winner.

In figures released by the operator, the sales of both scratchcards and lotto tickets are up 4% since 2020, with around 1.3 million people across Ireland now playing National Lottery games regularly.

Of course, with the continual scratchcard releases, there has been plenty of options for Irish scratchcard players, such as the €3 All Cash Tripler scratchcard, featured below:

€3 all cash tripler scratchcard

However, one of the biggest winners of the growth was online sales – in which 15% of all total sales were made.

For fans of National Lottery scratchcards, you may want to try your hand at the range of online scratchcards – referred to as Instant Win Games.

irish national lottery instant win games screenshot

And just like the scratchcards, there are plenty of options of Instant Win games to choose from, including a range of different priced games and varying jackpots!